Experience the passion for cooking and nutrition in a Loving Cuisine Whole Foods Cooking Class. Chef Raquel specializes in Plant-Based Culinary Nutrition Classes which help you learn basic skills to get back into the kitchen as well as clever ways to make ordinary ingredients taste absolutely extraordinary! Chef Raquel will teach you how to cook meals that are delicious and tell you why they are nutritious, as well. 

Classes are available in a private setting, where you host Chef to cook at your house for your chosen guests, or in a public setting where Chef teaches in a public kitchen open to the public or ticketed guests. Email raquel@lovingcuisine.com to get a quote or more information today.

In Loving Cuisine Cooking classes, you will learn recipes that transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinary meals, desserts, beverages, and snacks. The recipes you learn are sure to impress your dinner guests; you will have a sample tasting of the recipes cooked in class and access to the recipes learned. You will be taught the nutritional benefits of the food you are eating and learn how it can benefit your health and transform your life. Many special diets can (and are) accommodated such as gluten-free, raw, vegan and vegetarian.