Espresso Vanilla Salt Scrub


Awaken your senses and scrub away dry skin and toxins with this delicious and effective scrub.



Using espresso ground coffee beans, pink himalayan sea salt, organic virgin coconut oil and vanilla extract, this scrub will help awaken your skin and leave it feeling smooth. Coffee grounds have been said to help reduce cellulite, as the caffeine helps awaken skin and the massaging motion will help alleviate the “airy” pockets of cellulite. Pink himalayan sea salt is detoxifying and mineralizing, and virgin coconut oil is moisturizing and very good for the skin. This scrub uses coffee that has been ground for espresso, as it is a finer grind and not too rough on the skin. The perfect way to get your feet, legs or any part of your body ready for Summer. Smells amazing and feels even better! Scrub comes in a 4 ounce glass jar.


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