Spatzle Cooking Class, Switzerland’s Famous Dish


A Global Cooking Class. Traditional dishes of Switzerland, Spatzle and Rotkraut, made and served by Swiss-born Chef Raquel.


Learn how to make Spatzle, the delicious Swiss German dumpling-like pasta, from a Swiss-born Native! This can be made vegan or in the traditional style, your preference. Typically, spatzle is served with brown gravy, fried mushrooms and onions. Spatzle is a delicious side dish and can be used much like rice or pasta. My Grossmuetti taught my mom how to make Spatzle in Switzerland, and my mom taught me using Grossmuetti’s recipe.

In this class, we will serve spatzle one of two ways, depending on which you choose: Vegan version with mushrooms, onions and homemade gravy or the traditional version with onions and gruyere cheese. We will also make Rotkraut, or sweet and sour kraut, which is a popular and delicious side dish for any Swiss or German food. This class can be booked to be at your home or a location of your choosing; there needs to be a stovetop, water, sink (for handwashing), and a place to sit and eat together once we finish!

I will provide the ingredients and cookware. You need to provide the dishes (plates or bowls) and cutlery for eating, as well as any beverages you would like.

You may purchase online, please make sure you email to schedule the date! Also, please keep in mind there needs to be a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 20. The cost is $50 per person, which covers instruction, ingredients, and samples. You will cleanup the kitchen and the dishes. Charge for drive time depending on the distance from Newport, Wa.  *Note, this class can be offered online to anywhere in the world. There is a different structure for this setup, please email for more information!*

Thank you for considering Loving Cuisine for your next fun, delicious and cultural experience!


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